Monday, October 29, 2012

Pet Halloween Costumes: Spook-tastic or Just Crazy?

The Boss
Will Fluffy or Benji be dressed up for Halloween this year? Pets are increasingly recognized as family members and often included in the holiday costume craze. But are pet costumes just for human folly, or do pets actually LIKE sporting the costumes, hats and accessories?

Admittedly, I fall among those that do indulge in this practice, but my pets enjoy wearing Halloween costumes. Years of positive reinforcement with treat rewards, and my dogs will happily wear anything in the off chance of a tasty morsel. The mere sight of a costume starts my Labrador prancing and bouncing as if on a trampoline.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Veterinary Technicians Behind The Scenes

With a soothing pat on the head, her calming words are the first thing your dog tunes in to upon recovery from surgery at the veterinarian's office. Quickly and painlessly he collects necessary blood samples and rewards his patient with an affectionate ear scratch or tasty treat. Celebrating your pet's successful recovery from illness, it's the veterinary technicians that are with your pet every step of the way- ensuring your pet is exercised, receives timely medications, and lavishes in ample TLC making the veterinary hospital experience a positive for your pet.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are There Mosquitoes in Las Vegas? You Can Bet On It

Heartworm Disease Still on Vet's Radar

Wagging her stubby Jack Russell tail, Freckles arrives for her veterinary exam with owner Julie in tow. After relocating to Las Vegas from California a few years ago, Julie discontinued Freckles’ heartworm preventative when neighbors told her she didn’t need it here.  The duo makes the occasional RV trip to California on weekends, but Julie never got around to resuming heartworm prevention.  Her vet’s suggestion for heartworm preventive was initially dismissed with the reply “Oh there aren’t any mosquitoes in Las Vegas. And besides, Freckles stays in the RV most of the time and isn’t exposed to mosquitoes.”

Just like an engorged biting mosquito, these common heartworm misconceptions need to be squashed.